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Agility for competitive advantage – The time is now.


Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The last decade saw a rapid growth in the rate of competitive disruption and the emergence of new business models that threaten traditional market leaders globally. A Harvard Business Review report shows that 52 percent of companies in the US Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist since 2000 as a result of disruption.

In this era of unprecedented change, the ability to move faster than the market in day to day decision making and capability development overtime has become a competitive advantage. Agility therefore presents immense opportunities for individuals, teams and institutions globally. Agile organizations embrace experimentation, constant iteration, and fast decision-making to deliver value to customers while maintaining stability and resilience. Agility is not just about software-development, it is a major change in mindset, culture and management philosophy that ripples through the whole organization from the c-suite executives to the lowest ranking staff as part of a greater journey toward a more responsive and efficient organization.

The Nigeria 2021, Scrum Regional Gathering (SRG) shall accelerate the emergence of Agile professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and institutions who will unlock the enormous potentials of Nigeria across various sectors and lead the country into an era of agility-driven growth, prosperity, development and National pride. Are you ready?

Agility for competitive advantage- the time is now.



Track Description


Personal Agility Track


“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler

In a fast paced and hectic world where everything is changing faster than we have ever known, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to think on your feet, adapt quickly and respond positively.

Personal agility is the dynamic capability to respond to situations in a timely, innovative and sustainable way. It is being open minded to change and exploring different approaches that helps you successfully navigate volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

Like everyone else, you have the capacity to choose and change the way you respond to tough circumstances but you need to cultivate this ability.

Developing your personal agility will improve your cognitive ability, help you make better decisions and solve complex problems faster. Thus, lightening your load and helping you avoid unnecessary stress.

Personal Agility is a competitive advantage that will set you apart and make you thrive in this fast paced world.

Now, it's time to learn, unlearn and relearn.



Team Agility Track


Agility is more about people than processes and at its CORE, lies the teams that fuel its delivery. An organization’s ability to maintain competitive advantage or thrive in any market space is entirely dependent on the ability of its teams to deliver solutions that reliably meet a customer’s needs.

Team Agility speaks to the Agile practices and techniques high performing Agile teams utilize in delivering valuable and highly competitive solutions while addressing the human complexity.

This track focuses on how teams at all levels of the organization relate as humans, make meaningful connections, become high-performing and enjoy a collaborative company culture that fuels innovation and creativity.

The goal is to share experiences and techniques that support a generative culture of teams, collaboration, and agile done well. We’ll cover practices such as: visual and design thinking, mobbing, great communication, healthy conflict, remote facilitation, virtual collaboration, human system dynamics, creating flow and reteaming.



Leadership Agility Track


Covid-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed the way businesses will compete over the next decade, a nudge of the urgent need to move with speed and agility.

Nothing tests the leadership of an organization like a significant VUCA event. They are now faced with the challenge of balancing Agility in the organization, whilst promoting a culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, inclusion, employee engagement, growth and maintaining competitive advantage.In this time of uncertainty, chaos and disruption, people look up to their leaders for inspiration, confidence and direction.

In the next few decades, the African continent will see more changes than any other continents in the world. How African leaders handle crisis will define their legacies and shape their organization's future - build a resilient organization or lead the organization to a catastrophic future.

This track aims to share strategies for leaders to develop their ability to detect and respond to threats & opportunities, to best navigate the uncertainty before the next crisis.

Participants will learn about leadership agility approaches for transformation and change, foster a culture of experimentations and sustainability.



Government Agility Track


Increasingly, government and government agencies are being challenged by the same forces of change that are driving their commercial counterparts to accelerate Lean-Agile digital transformations. Digital disruption, globalization, ever-increasing cyber threats, aging legacy systems, and increasing dependency on technology for business and mission success are just a few of the factors that are equally concerning for them. The"Traditional models of government are failing to keep up with the changing needs and expectations of citizens and staff."

In the last five years, similar trends are being experienced in the development of systems, products and infrastructure for governments in countries across the globe.

Government Agility is achieved through a new way of working using the digital lean and agile methods to improve outcomes for state and local government agencies.

participants will learn agility can drive government transformation, modernize and digitize the Nigerian economy.



Corporate Agility Track


Every business leader loves stability, but the constantly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments have notoriously put organizations at risk of unprecedented dearth.

They are now faced with the challenge of balancing Agility, whilst promoting a generative culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, inclusion, employee engagement, growth and maintaining competitive advantage.

Organizations that thrive amidst the inadvertently harsh environments must have the ability to be nimble, develop competitive strategies quickly, adapt, and respond quickly to the changing situations around them. To respond quickly and painlessly require organization agility.

Agile gives an organization the ability to turn market volatility into competitive advantage, innovate and deliver more effective market performance, and sustain full potentials of both the market and its own people.

In this track, leaders will also learn how to embed agility into their organization's DNA and, in turn, shape their organization, it’s strategy and its people.