Hero steps in as hapless husband orders wife’s £85 birthday cake to shop 230 miles away

A hero saved the day after a hapless husband accidentally ordered his wife’s

birthday cake
from a shop 230 miles away.

Ian Cameron, from Fife, Scotland, wanted to treat wife Lorraine to a cake for her milestone 60th.

After spending some time online searching for the best cake, he came across a business called Wendy’s Cakes, Bakes and Makes.

Ian then proceeded to order a mouth-watering eight-inch chocolate cake with a rectangle-shaped base and complete with an eight-inch replica of a vinyl record on top.

He organised to collect the £85 cake just before the celebrations began.

However, the clueless husband went on to discover that the bakery was actually some 230 miles away – in Leeds in England.

In a desperate appeal the owner Wendy Neary, 61, requested the help of strangers. She put out a call on Facebook, asking if anyone could deliver the cake to Ian.

Luckily, Chris Quinn, 40, a medical sales rep, contacted Wendy and arranged to deliver the cake to Ian and Lorraine the following day.

Opening up on why he did it, Chris said that his wife alerted him to the post, and added that he was more than willing to do the journey as – coincidentally – he was travelling from Leeds to Inverness for work.

The Good Samaritan said: “They were absolutely chuffed and couldn’t believe that it had come all this way.

“They were really pleased, and I was really pleased to meet them as they are a lovely couple.

“They were extremely grateful, just really nice and really pleasant.”

Chris added that the support from social media has been ‘crazy’ and that ‘it’s so nice to see how much positivity has come out of it’.

He said: “It’s been lovely, everyone is saying it’s just so nice that there still is nice people in the world but its just how I’ve been brought up, to be polite and do things for people without any reward.

“As somebody said, ‘we need more Chris’ in the world, which is a lovely thing to hear.”

Neither Ian nor Lorraine wished to comment on the cake debacle.